Starting an internet based business can be much easier today than it has been in the last few years. However, because of this there is increased competition. This increased competition leads entrepreneurs to having to really understand consumer trends and marketing. Social media has allowed for creating a brand around yourself that can lead to creating a business platform that offers products or services to your followers/fans. A lot of business owners have started from the bottom by creating content on both a website and social media. As they gained a following and became more of a thought leader, they were able to change their personal brand into a business model. Those who personal brand all have one thing in common…

1. Lewis Howes

Lewis started out by hosting LinkedIn events in different cities in the US and has now become an expert for those looking to up their LinkedIn profiles. Lewis now hosts a podcast, creates YouTube videos, has weekly mass email chains and has a free guide to make money. His main focus is to help people chase their dreams and realize that no matter where you are now or where you came from you can “make a full time living doing what you love”.


2. Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is known for his effort to also help people personally brand themselves. He creates a community that offers training, support and accountability for people to create their dream business. His main focus on his website is “Youpreneur” where he helps you establish your personal branding strategy and get you above the rest. His website offers free access to his launchpad which comes with all sorts of content including podcasts and emails from Chris.


3. Marie Forleo

Marie is a personal brander that is dedicated to help people get anything they want. She offers free audio training and a free webTV series called MarieTV that helps motivate you and build your dreams. Marie has a variety of topics that her show covers and each one can tailor to a different individual, which is perfect to create a massive following. With her amazing free content and even better design skills, her brand has grown to well over 100,000.


4. Joel Runyon

Joel is both an athlete and an entrepreneur. He became the youngest person in the world to run 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents. During that time he was able to raise $192,000 for Pencils of Promise and he built 7 schools. His main focus is doing the impossible which led to his brand “Impossible”. Joel offers a free podcast and email list to help consumers hear about what he’s doing and to help them out with what they’re doing. His main focus is to help people with fitness and nutrition goals, but to also help them with the entrepreneurial dreams and goals. His business “Impossible-X” is dedicated to helping businesses with SEO and digital marketing needs.


So what do they all have in common?


If you want to create a personal brand that could lead to a business opportunity, offer your followers ebooks, videos, blog postings and infographics that can really grab their attention and lead them to come to you for information. Creating a loyal fan base is created through free content and eventually they will purchase things from you based on their loyalty and belief that you are a leader.