Whether you’re using eBay or trying to buy something directly from a manufacturer you’ve probably had to use PayPal. This beautiful application has, and will, allow people to have access to virtually everything under the sun. However, one must not simply praise something without saying why; so here we go: their application is very friendly with mobile devises (which so many of us live on anymore), it enables direct connection to a bank account (which allows for payments of debts or just a friendly gift around the holidays), and it protects your credit cards (which lets face it have become less and less secure lately).

So what is the history of this site? A digital wallet under a different name (Confinity), or at least that’s what it started as. The whole premise was that if your money was not physically with you then you could not be mugged. What a wonderful concept, no? So when did they hit it big?  EBay, it opened a door. When every weird uncle and their  nephews started trading things with strangers a medium of exchange was necessary, PayPal was formed and was very happy to help.

Now how can one go about using such a service? Simple, go to PayPal.com and sign up. It will ask for your bank information, you shall provide it, and then you are golden. Have fun shopping!