What if there was a place on the web that would allow the entrepreneur to seek expertise from investors, business experts, and other entrepreneurs in order to build a successful business? Seems like if all of that information was on one website for an entrepreneur a perfect business could be created…Well that appears to be the goal of this social media for entrepreneurs called PerfectBusiness.

PerfectBusiness strives to allow entrepreneurs access to information from knowledgeable professionals and valuable resources in order for new businesses to thrive. It is structured in order for an entrepreneur to be able to perfect his business plan through the help of business experts, raise awareness of the start up idea, and raise capital through investors to ultimately launch the business.

Besides the personal connections, with investors and business professionals, PerfectBusiness has connections to places like Entrepreneur Magazine and VirginMoney. With these businesses as partners, members of PerfectBusiness can receive exclusive offers from these companies. This will increase entrepreneur’s knowledge and continue to better position new business owners as they jump into this exciting phase of entrepreneurship.

Along with their long list of resources, PerfectBusiness truly does have heart to it as well. PerfectBusiness states, “You will not be alone in launching and growing your business. We are YOUR network. We are behind YOU. Whenever you need answers or help, think PerfectBusiness.” It is their goal to make entrepreneurs the best they can be with the resources on their website. Advice, money, and introductions are the services that will allow the success of entrepreneurs on this site.

*Authors note: My personal view of the site matches most of what is said in the previous paragraphs. However, what I had pictured after gathering information was more similar to something like Facebook for entrepreneurs, rather than an information site that I was presented with. I had expected to see profiles of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors, where comments could be made giving feedback of new business ideas, along with some information that was already on the site for the entrepreneur’s disposal. Instead, PerfectBusiness seems more like new articles than a blog where information can be shared.
Please do take into account that I did not make a profile or log in and did not see all the implications of this site. I am just taking the surface value of the current content and setup.

To access the site, visit this link. http://perfectbusiness.com/About.aspx