I did my last post on SEO tricks, and I thought a follow-up post on SEO factors would be a huge help.

Who has ever heard of the SEO Periodic Table before? I just recently came into the know of its existence.

The SEO Periodic Table encompasses two different blocks: on-the-page factors and off-the-page factors, as well as the ranking factor that comes with the factor. Both factors play a pretty big role in achieving optimal page rank. These factors are the byproduct of that being driving traffic to your site which should result in more sales. You have “The Big 3” when it comes to on-the-page ranking being: content, architecture, and HTML. Off-the-page factors focus on an “Elite Four” which are: trust, links, personal, and social. On-the-page factors, for the most part, are in your control as the website developer. Off-the-page factors, meanwhile, are affected by things not directly related to the developer. Using the right ranked features of both of these and understanding the science of SEO will help you climb the search engine ranks.

This table can by pretty clutch for SEO noobs like us who are just starting out. It caters to both search engines and searchers. I hope this table helps with understanding the fundamentals of SEO. I highly recommend every student in the class to print out the table and stick it in your folder to refer to in the future as we embark on a few SEO projects. Bonus: entrepreneurship majors don’t have to memorize this periodic table like science majors have to memorize theirs.