Sometimes, it’s the totally-free, non-commercial, and very simple social media outlets such as flickr that can draw the most attention. Flickr is a social media site for photo sharing. It’s users span many different generations and geographic regions, and because it’s based on photographs, there is no language barrier in enjoying another artist’s work. Anything from portraits, to trains, to photos from the family trip to DisneyWorld can be found on flickr. Some users are pros; most are consumers who want to share their work with the world.

Photos, however, cannot be bought and sold from flickr users, unless a transaction begins between two flickr users and is taken “off-site” so to speak. It has happened, but this is rather unusual. However, there is a very unique advertising niche on flickr that is hard to obtain anywhere else. Once a business has gained a presence on flickr, and has gained followers, graphics promoting upcoming events or new products will be right on your followers’ main screen. It is much like the setup of a facebook timeline, only the images are larger and more prominent, as opposed to say, instagram, or pinterest, where ads might not be as captivating and large upon first glance.

Flickr also has a “groups” feature, which allows users to post photographs in categories, or in the case of the entrepreneur with a camera, provide an opportunity for a business to reach their target audience. Groups range from parameters based on age of the photographer, camera-types, or subject matter, to certain styles of artwork.

For the visual, and ad-oriented entrepreneur who wishes to witness their business become interwoven into the lives of their friends, family, colleagues, and photographers across the world, flickr is the growing social media to get on board with.