PrintIt – Regular construction methods these days is just making the cut, it forces families to pay thousands of dollars for a house that takes too much time to be completed. According to homeadvisor, the average low-cost house in the U.S costs $23,000 to build, while the average high-cost house costs $305,372. A quality shelter is a basic human need and it shouldn’t be this expensive and inefficient to provide.

PrintIt is taking a different approach to home building, one that not only dramatically reduces the price but also reduces the build-time and increases the quality. 3D house printing is a much cheaper method of construction and it is completely revolutionizing the way houses are to be built. Instead of hiring expensive contractors to charge you thousands of dollars for a basic home, PrintIt will provide you a unique housing option for an affordable price!

Not only will people finally have access to these unique homes, but the savings will be passed to those less-fortunate people who are in real need of a place to live. The main mission behind PrintIt is to bring help and relief to all the homeless people in the world. It’s not right that we are able to go to sleep so comfortably while other people cannot, they need help and PrintIt is here to bring it.

Getting accepted into the Grove City College Venture Lab was a big step for PrintIt. My goal with being in venture lab is to test the viability of the business. I plan to develop a detailed BMC, get connected with powerful mentors, set up a blog on my website, and pivot my vision for the business as necessary. I have some very exciting ideas for PrintIt, and the Venture Lab will be a stepping stone to turning those ideas into a reality.