Producteev is a fantastic app for entrepreneurs, especially in today’s business world where technology is so relevant. Producteev is an app that is compatible with ios and android, it is also available as an app for mac computers. Producteev’s goal is “making productivity apps vastly easier to use and accessible anywhere.” This app allows bosses to monitor employee progress as well as assign new projects and tasks all from his or her mobile devices, but wait there’s more! Producteev is compatible with outlook and allows tasks to be added straight from email, and it allows employees to upload files from cloud based storage apps such as DropBox. Last but not least, what every Entrepreneur loves, this app is free! Granted, there is a premium account that is offered, but the majority of the app’s utilities are featured in the free account. This app is also a great tool for organization. It allows the user to see all of the tasks that are at hand and allows the user to stay on top of employees who do not always finish their work on time, while keeping all of the comments, tasks, and progress reports in one place that fits into their pocket. Producteev is basically a social network that is exclusive to your company and its employees. You have the ability to @ people so they will get notifications, the other users you are connected with have the ability to comment on your team’s posts and give your two cents about a project or idea right from your phone. Technology is so common today that it is very hard to succeed without integrating technology into your business. Virtually everyone has smartphones and computers, so this app allows your team to collaborate from almost anywhere, the user can work from vacation, home, or even at the airport during a layover. The app allows the user to set reminders of upcoming deadlines and also allows the user to enable other team members to follow the progress of any given task and the app will send automated notifications throughout the duration of the task. Not only does this app allow for better communication within your team, it allows your business to be more efficient, to allow collaboration to be done more easily, and allows your company to discuss possible ideas and allows the boss to keep his employees accountable. If I was responsible for managing a team of employees I would definitely use this because it would enable me to reach my team and to assign/collaborate/check in regularly without having to address the team members individually.