In every start up, there comes a time when it is time to decide if you should continue your pursuit of the idea or drop in and move on the the next thing. Often there are many things that influence this decision: other jobs, family, business partners, etc… all can affect the path one chooses to to take with their start up. In the case of Immerse, all of these things come into play. As a senior who is about to graduate, I have a job lined up that will take up most of my time over the summer and for at least the next year. I also am considering my future when it comes to building a family and where I’m going to live in the future. Additionally, I have a business partner who is eager to launch this business and take it further than we ever thought possible.

When I consider all of these factors, one thing becomes increasingly clear: it’s not going to be easy to start this business. However, despite these roadblocks, I am confident that we can accomplish our goals and maintain a successful business. For this reason, I am giving Immerse Virtual Experiences the “green light” to launch. Despite the obstacles I face in starting up, I have a business partner in whom I have complete confidence. Ben obviously has the drive and the leadership qualities that I feel are necessary for to run this company, and this confidence has me feeling like we can definitely succeed as a company once we start to gain some traction. I will still be able to help with jobs on the weekends and in my free time, and that makes me confident that Ben can handle the day to day operations and fall back on my help when need be. It’s a good time to be a part of Immerse!