Over the last couple of years, the “internet of things” has become not so much a dream but a quickly paced adaption and reality for the public. With big players like Amazon and Google, this past holiday season, the market was jam-packed with a variety of different AI smart routers and hundreds of smart devices to help automate you home. As early adopters in the developed world are realizing, our culture is quickly coming to grips with the possibility that society will likely include household tech that the future we have been promised by science fiction for almost a century. As exciting and useful as these devices can be for daily life, mankind is only just arriving at the crossroads of discovery. Using the sheer power and versatility of the internet, there are systems of intersection between the physical and digital that are genuinely closer to reality than fantasy. This is our goal with Riot RC: to create a way in which mankind can interact in mechanical activity from internet equipped remote locations that can be stationed anywhere in the world.

Developing technology to achieve this vision will equip students and professionals alike with tools that can change the way society thinks about the future of connectivity, robotics, and machine labor. This will be a platform that will allow for user to freely explore their ideas, and participate in the forging of their very own “internet of machines”.

With Riot RC, we are just beginning a long process of innovation and engineering, but as we continue to invent new ways to participate in a mechanical world, it is our dream to have others join us both on our platform and in our mission to make the world a better AND smarter place to live.