There is so much stuff to keep track of on social media these days. The platforms for social media are almost endless; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, just to name a few. Most people use these tools to stay connected to their friends and keep up with the news or their favorite celebs. However, many business owners are at a loss at how to use social media to stay ahead of their competition. With such an overwhelming number of sites to keep track of, how can they get a leg up on their competitors?

Introducing Rival IQ. This web-based app lets you keep tabs on the social media sights where competing business are active. Rival IQ collects and organizes all of their activity from social media sites and even monitors their SEO. It then presents to you an organized catalog of all the relevant activity from all their active social media sites, sending you alerts when any major changes happen. This allows you to simply pursue your dashboard and see what your competition is up to.

With social media playing an increasingly large part in how companies do business, it is important for business owners to keep a wary eye on how their rivals are using social media to reach their customers. This means watching their social media trends and observing how it relates to their success as a business. By knowing what your competition is up to, you can modify and adapt your social media activity to better compete within your market. Using Rival IQ, you can do all without having to spend endless hours scouring your competition’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Staying relevant in a digital age is always a great fear for any business owner. Many businesses fall behind because they don’t adapt to changes within the digital sphere  and therefore let their competition charge ahead of them and take valuable market share. Rival IQ is here to help you maintain your sanity by keeping you informed on the every move of your competition. Any business that has any presence on social media needs to be aware on how their opponents are using the web and Rival IQ is here to help you do just that.