For my blog post I want to focus on an idea that can help this campus during one of the most chaotic times of year. Scheduling. You are sitting in front of your computer, counting down the seconds, 5:59.57, 5:59.58, 5:59.59, 6:00 and then your screen freezes like Dante’s 9th circle and you feel this overwhelming sense of dread. As a freshmen and sophomore scheduling can be the one of the most taxing times. You see no one from your year walking around at least 20 minutes before six and if you do see someone they are walking so fast it seems like they are trying to make it into speed walking nationals. People are renting out rooms in Hal, connecting to cables they never use, overflowing the TLC and in the end all you are trying to do it get into you courses. With this simple program that could be established by Crawford, peace of mind can finally be attainable. The service provided, have senior and junior volunteer (have a small incentive, maybe a T-shirt or mug because honestly people do a lot for mugs) to help guide the younger students through scheduling. The week of they could meet up with their scheduling “tutor” and review their courses and status sheets and help iron out some details. In doing this, it can save the scheduler time and sanity and also help professors and Crawford receive less emails over “simple” questions. Scheduling doesn’t become faster as you rise in the ranks but it does become more tolerable and you can help ease the stress.

Countless times I have had to help freshmen that I was close to, at one point in was me helping 6 of them because their friends and friends of friends kept coming in, in need of help. I had to call back up and that’s when the idea came. Not in all of its glory but just thinking out loud to friends, there really should be a service provided to help layout everything needed for when the clock strikes 6:00. This was last year that this occurred and I haven’t thought much of it, until a friend who was doing interviews for a communication class came up to me asking about changes that could be made to help make scheduling easier. Other than the obvious issues, fix the Wi-Fi, revamp the entire GCC academic tab, and make the scheduling process more user friendly, I saw the lack of help being offered. And who better to offer it than veterans of this system.

This service would be easy enough start and to keep up. People will remember that junior or senior that helped them when they were younger and that may push them to volunteer when they reach that age. This is not some huge innovative idea that will change the life of many Grove City students. This is simple service that could easily be rolled out and help a small group of people. The need is obviously there and the means to fulfill it are few.