You may have heard the importance of having SEO on your website, to drive the right audience to your content – but what really is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a crucial part of your website. You can have the most amazing content on your site and struggle to share it with the world if it is not optimized properly. When trying to increase traffic on your sight, to optimize properly, there are multiple factors that go into this process. One of the secret sauces of SEO is link juice. Yes, that’s right… link juice. Although it is an interesting terminology, link juice is the common term for the passing of authority to sites. When Google crawls webpages, it searches for links and content that generate and transfer authority to a website. When you share a link on your website, this gives that site authority in Google’s complex search algorithms. Not all sites and links are worth the same though – some can be extremely valuable. For example, let’s say that the New York Times writes an article and posts a link to your company’s website, this is probably worth about 10,000 times that of a site without much authority. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to have your website being mentioned across the internet.

Another great way to optimize SEO is with blogging. Your business does not have to be related to blogging for it to be beneficial for your business and website. When you create content posts that are relevant to what you do, the industry you are in or things that your target customers are interested in, you create optimization gold. Blogging has such a great effect on building an audience for your site, posting content that your consumers care about not only increases the traffic of your blog, but also your website. It is also effective to have popular bloggers, vloggers and writers mention you for that same effect of building credibility of your site. Think of it this way, if you were writing a major term paper, you wouldn’t use Wikipedia to do your research… you would use sources that add to your own credibility. A great example of a blog that has taken full advantage of SEO is the Huffington Post. Contrary to what you might think, the Huffington Post is a blog that doesn’t generate any new content. It aggregates, and links news stories and has guest bloggers who write on opinion pieces. It has grown to a point of generating 14 million dollars in revenue every month… not bad for a blog that doesn’t have to generate any of its own content. The opportunities that SEO presents to modern day internet businesses is continuously increasing as more and more individuals flock to the internet… so why not be there waiting for them?