Who would have thought that Snapchat could help aspiring Entrepreneurs become big time business people? According to entrepreneur.com, the teeny app is explosive. The app allows for users in certain locations to submit videos to a specific account and then this account is viewed by 4 billion other users every day. For example, visitors of the Cinco De Mayo parade in Mexico can upload videos and photos to the Cinco De Mayo Snapchat Story for the world to see.

What does that mean for the entrepreneur? It’s quite simple. Entrepreneurs are hungry for trouble. Trouble brings problems that need to be solved- therefore, solutions they can tear into. Snapchat gives a small peephole into the world through sharing of selfies and quick videos. It’s a fact that Snapchat can be resource for finding trouble, and a tool for spreading the word about a new innovation.

The explore page of Snapchat is a classic example of sharing company resources. Big name editorials like People Magazine and CNN post small articles on SnapStories that the user can flip through in a matter of seconds. Implement a brief tip about how to avoid traffic through a new app or have a selfie competition at a business chain, and you’re golden. It is unique and trendy, stopping the consumer in their tracks without jumping into their face with sales promotions.

I love Snapchat! It’s a great way to connect with friends all over the country or even look into cultural events in countries I could never dream of flying to. As an aspiring entrepreneur I would use Snapchat to not only connect with my buddies on what I’m up to, but with the younger generation on what products or services I am offering.