Hello! My name is Gabe Friel and I am going to talk to you about… Soloshot

  1. What is Soloshot
  2. Who is there competition
  3. Who created it
  4. My personal opinion

Soloshot is a company that has recently caught the eye of media. Soloshot was started on the idea that it was difficult to create a quality personal video while surfing. This obviously has much more application than its initial intentions and is revolutionizing the personal filming industry created by the introduction of the GoPro. The difference between these two companies is that Soloshot is able to track the subject with an automated swivel. This swivel can turn from side to side as well as up and down.

GoPro was and is a great product that would be strapped to some sort of base, they have innovated their own product several times coming out with new products and accessories to optimize the consumers experience with their product. Once Soloshot can optimize their product in such a way GoPro has they will be able to stand as a strong competitor.

Soloshot was started by Chris Boyle a young and very successful entrepreneur, who at the age of 22 had already started a company for medical devices and next-generation materials and that had a licensing agreement with a fortune 500 company. He solved a common issue among personal film making, that was, how to capture hours of high definition video from a spectator angle without having to rely on someone to stand for hours at a time, pointing a camera.

I personally plan on getting one for this summer after just doing some short research and finding out about who these guys are. I recommend anyone and everyone looking into this product. I feel like with the combination of my GoPro and a Soloshot I could put together some pretty epic film and document some incredible experiences I will have with my friends and family this summer!