Nowadays to be a growing business with no form of social media is basically impossible. The different companies from Red Bull, to The Republican National Committee have a few forms of social media that they use on a daily basis to appeal to their customers, as well as introduce new products. These companies use social media in hopes that it will spark demand for their goods or services; hence making them money. But wouldn’t it get annoying for a big businesses such as these to manage their social media which can sometimes be in excess of 15 accounts?

I mean think about it, each company has an employee that has to manage these different accounts and be up to date with every one of them. Plus a lot of the time a company will want to post information for a new product on all of their forms of social media, which is a breeding ground for conversations and questions to the company. This makes it a hassle for the employee to write all of the posts and then also to keep up with the conversations that are taking place, because the company knows that they need to keep their relationship with the customer, and to do that they must respond to the customer.

Luckily, in this technological age, someone saw a problem with this system and was intended to find a solution. The company Sprinklr is a company that lets their customers manage up to 20 different social media tools at once! They are able to post the same content on all of their social media accounts, at the same time cutting down time and confusion on the companies end. While they save time they also have the ability to answer to questions, and to get into target conversations with their customers, to create a more valued experience with a companies across the board.

Sprinklr is not only useful to the mammoth brands such as Nike and Intel, but it is also useful to entrepreneurs and businesses just starting out making the customer base that they already have gain loyalty, and even create a whole new set of customers that will hopefully continue to grow in numbers and loyalty as well. Social media has become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs; therefore forcing the need for a better way of management. Sprinklr is not only for the company, but also the people.