When it comes to entrepreneurship, telling a story is essential to making your brand successful. In today’s day and age, millennials are looking to invest in businesses that support causes they care about. Storytelling is a persuasion technique, and the ethics can be tricky because you don’t want to be dishonest. It shapes how consumers view you and is your opportunity to paint a picture of what you want them to see. Storytelling can do so much more for your brand and can sell your product more than statistics and facts can.

So how does this translate to Internet Entrepreneurship? The internet is arguably the best avenue to use for storytelling. Blogs and vlogs are becoming increasingly popular for brands and are generating not just consumers, but a community that supports their causes. Almost every major company has a YouTube channel and a blog page on their website. This allows then to interact with consumers, let consumers tell their own experience and consistently promote their story.

One company that has done this extremely well is Airbnb. This is a completely online driven company that has taken storytelling to new heights. Airbnb’s service is generated by customers so they took advantage of the situation and have their customers share stories of their Airbnb experience (https://www.airbnb.com/community-stories). Not only does it inform potential customers of what to expect, it also promotes a positive brand image for their company. Storytelling is crucial is all aspects of entrepreneurship and the internet is the ideal path for that connection.