Many of us have heard of Slack… But do you know what it really has to offer?


What is Slack?

Slack is an app that allows users to create workspaces for team communication, including incorporating multiple channels to keep every piece of business organized that can be shared with all individuals in the group or just a few. Slack has over 1000 app integrations to streamline communication and efficiency in communication and collaboration. These include important tools for developers, file sharing, polling, finance, CRM, among others. These tools allow for entrepreneurs to collaborate with their startups and stay connected. It also permits guest accounts in case you would have a consultant, or an intern join the team for a set time.

How can it help me?

When running an internet startup, you need the ability to be on the move. From interviewing potential customers, meeting with professionals, managing internal projects or just knowing what and when is getting done by your team… slack is the answer. The service is based on a freemium model, letting teams use this service with many of its features for no cost. A Standard and a Plus plan are availible for teams looking for more storage, unlimited app integrations, guest accounts/shared channels or export functions. Your teams ability to be organized will greatly impact the chances of success for your endeavor.


Another great use of Slack that has developed over the years is the creation of public communities. There are over 1000 communities on slack that are made to help educate members in their specific areas of interest and grow connections for individuals like entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, marketers, photographers and many more. Some of these can be discovered at, a public slack community database. These workplaces act as a community, some more so managed to deliver helpful information and tips, while others are more engaging to help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.