In our day and age, technology is the prevailing mechanism for spreading the word. If your company is not involved in online publishing or social media, it is missing out on an enormous market.

However, even if your company is well-established on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to use the it for unique purposes, as many “original” ideas have already been established. However, those with creative abilities still have the ability to pursue a market that is under-served and disrupt it so much so that causes others to view that market differently and it opens their minds to possibilities that were otherwise unimaginable. This can be obviously seen in the home living and security industries. For example, the app SkyBell allows customers to see, hear, and speak to visitors who come to their doorstop, whether they are at home or not. Deako provides users the ability to toggle light switches from their smartphone or their voice. June is a service that “sees” what you are cooking and offers suggestions on recipes and how to make what you are attempting to prepare.

Although some of these application can seem like a stretch, they provide excellent examples as to how technology and web-integration opens doors for an unlimited amount of opportunities. It is not reinventing the wheel, it’s adding an engine to it and creating new ways for it to be placed into motion.

The question on many people’s minds regards artificial intelligence and how Internet-based services are completing minuscule tasks for us. Are we becoming more lazy? How far is too far? It is only a matter of time until we can see the progress made with science and technology.