Passion would be an understatement when talking about Alex Bailey’s involvement in mission work. She has been involved in many mission trips and has found her calling in doing God’s work. She traveled to Uganda for a six-week trip where she stayed at the Upendo Christian Academy. Since that trip to Uganda Alex has fueled her passion to serve with multiple other mission trips, but that hasn’t satisfied her need to serve. She is always looking to do more and provide innovative ways to spread God’s love.

When you are passionate about something, expressing that idea comes easily. Recently, Alex pitched an idea about “The Dot Op”. If you could have heard her pitch and how she conveyed her idea of selling t-shirts to donate some of the proceeds to charities; instead of thinking that it’s just another t-shirt company, you, like myself, would have felt the need to support a great cause. She explained her idea of having a website where a customer could purchase a t-shirt that had a charity represented on it in a minimalist way.  Each shirt has a dot incorporated in the symbol of the charity. Operation Borehole is one example of a t-shirt she would like to create. This shirt represents the Ugandan Water Project and the constant need for fresh, clean water. Since Alex saw firsthand the struggle for water on her mission trip, this shirt hit home for her. She strategically placed a small blue dot on this shirt to represent the limited supply of water. Also, on this shirt there is a picture of a pump and a jerry can that most people would not understand the significance of a working water pump. The Ugandan Water Project helps by hiring locals to fix broken boreholes that supply their villages with water. Operation Paw is another t-shirt that Alex would like to create that would help fund the Humane Society.  Two paw prints connect this shirt to the Humane Society, and the yellow dot in the paw stands for the friendliness and energy of our pets. Why not have a shirt to show your love for pets and animals around the world?  To Write Love on Her Arms, International Justice Mission, and Compassion International are some other charities that she would like to help by selling t-shirts with their symbols located on the chest. I believe that Alex’s love for helping others led her to this innovative idea of how she could bring people together simply through purchasing t-shirts and the placement of a dot.

For those that are also interested in serving the Lord through mission, check out Alex’s newest adventure and non-profit, Beautiful Feet Missions by contacting her for more information.