The Entrepreneurship Dream

Entrepreneurship has been becoming more and more popular. It has become more attractive in current times because people can see how awesome it is. There are so many people that you hear of and not even realize they were entrepreneurs. Ben Franklin, for example, who probably had one of the greatest entrepreneurial minds did so much. He invented so much and wrote so many important documents. This is just one example of someone that continually did what he wanted to do. This is why entrepreneurship is getting so popular. People want to be their own boss, or come up with their own ideas whenever they want.

Many people are deciding they would rather be their own boss than work for someone else, doing something they are not passionate about. The best part about being an entrepreneur is the options are endless. You can be your own boss and start whatever kind of business you want. Here are some of the reasons why more people are becoming attracted to the entrepreneurship lifestyle.


  1. Independence: One of the most popular reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, is the independence that comes with it. When you are your own boss, you can make your own hours, hire your own people, and delegate jobs. The freedom to structure a business how you want is so appealing in this day and age. So many companies have required hours and you have a boss to answer to. When you are your own boss you make the rules and call the shots. This can be scary, but if you want independence being you own boss is the way to go.


  1. Creativity: Starting your own business allows you to use your creativity to make something that has never been done before. In existing organizations some bosses can squash creativity simply because it is not in conjunction with the businesses goals. When you are an entrepreneur starting your own venture, being creative is what gets you noticed and can be a major differentiation factor.


  1. Fun: Being your own boss, and harnessing your creativity make working fun! If you talk to most millennials, people want work to be fun. No one wants to spend over half of their day doing something they do not enjoy. When you are an entrepreneur, you most of the time enjoy working. Your business becomes a part of you something you enjoy putting time into. A lot of people are starting their own ventures because they do not want to spend a majority of their life doing something they do not even enjoy.


Many entrepreneurs would not consider themselves to be an entrepreneur. Some of the best entrepreneurs became entrepreneurs because of the three reasons above.