When it comes to internet entrepreneurship, it is extremely easy to become wrapped up in elaborate business ideas. Technology can do so much that as entrepreneurs, with the world at our fingertips, we sometimes get wrapped up in complicated business designs to solve simple problems. This is seen in a variety of areas. It can be commonly found in websites and apps. A key component of an effective business model is simplicity, however this is something that often seems forgotten. If a customer cannot understand your business, then they won’t make a purchase. Elegantly simple design is something that is overlooked often, however it is a true key to success. Below are a few areas within a business where simplicity is crucial.

  1. Mission of the Company – The mission of your company is crucial to nail down for your customers to see. It should be very clear and easy to understand. Here simplicity is key. The simpler and shorter the better. This makes it easier for your customers to understand, and if they can understand where you are coming from and what you are trying to do, it is easier for them to connect to your company and to want to support it.

  2. Solution to the Problem – The way you go about depicting your problem and your solution to it should contain a theme of simplicity. Making your problem easily discernible is important to customers as well as creating an easy and simple to understand solution.  There is something so beautiful about a simple solution that attracts people to it. In tech, solutions need to be user friendly and not overly complicated.The more complicated, the less likely people are to buy into your solution. Complicated applications deter people. Simple solutions attract people.

These are only two basic, yet important areas where simplicity is important. This is an idea that should be applied to all areas of a business in order to streamline it and improve it.