As technology continues to advance one trend seems to be consistent throughout: simplicity. The Stone by Pebblebee is a perfect example of how technology is simplifying and increasing productivity in everyday life. This unassuming piece of technology is about the size of the end of your thumb and does just about anything you want.  One of the main functions of The Stone is a locator. Simply attach the device to the things you care about the most. It alerts you where the device is, when it is moving and when it leaves and enters the Bluetooth range of the device.  If the item that it is attached to such as keys, pets, purses, wallet or anything else you can think of, is stolen it will give you an alert that the item is traveling away from your phone. This is also practical for those who are prone to leaving your most important items behind. The Stone also has a single button that is the key to setting it apart from the competition. You can program this button to do just about anything you can think of. The Stone uses IFTTT programming to allow the user to set various commands from the simply touch of button. The user is able to do everything from ordering Pizza to getting the daily weather. You can also set the button to do different things depending on the time of day. If you need the weather in the morning and the pizza at night, simply set the command on the device to change throughout the day. The Stone is a innovative new tool that has the potential to simplify the life of any modern day entrepreneur.

The Stone