A key aspect of business is building a relationship with your customer. There are many ways to do this, however one way that I find interesting is the idea of storytelling. This is a business method that can help to create a lasting relationship between business and customer, instilling trust and ultimately furthering the relationship. Storytelling is an art that is crucial to business, and if done right it can help to draw people in. Below are a few tips to telling your business’s story.

Be Honest- Transparency is an important part of telling the story of your company. Telling the truth of any pain or struggle your company went through shows the customer that you are real, and this makes you relate-able to them. It can invoke emotion, and can create the beginning of a relationship. People love stories of triumph and comebacks, so if this applies to your company (which it should to most if not all), don’t be afraid to share it!

Be Clear- Make sure your story is easy to understand and clear to the customer. To do this, think through the basic outline of your company’s story and refine it till would be unmistakably clear to a stranger. Also make sure to be clear about why you are telling the story, this will draw customers in.

Create Connections- Customers love to be involved in your story, so don’t be afraid to mention how your customers helped your company to grow. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your customers companies to hear their story. This also helps to form connections.

End Strong- When telling your story, make sure to make the outcome clear to the customer. Leave them with insightful lessons that you learned along your journey. This helps the customer to connect more with your company and brand.

Business storytelling is a great way to create relationships with customers. It is something that is continually growing in that as long as your company is up and running, your story is continuing being written. This is an easy way to form connections with customers, so take advantage of it!