Back in March of 2006, a storm hit the advertising market.

You can argue the fact all you want but in the end, nothing gets the word of that new album your underground folk rock band will shortly be releasing quite as rapidly as Twitter. Users access this social networking beast to connect with their Idols, follow social movements and keep up to date with news that matters to the masses. For an entrepreneur, this site is a gold mine. If you have a genuinely appealing idea, the work it takes to gain a good sized following is nearly obsolete, making it perfect for the active business person.

Not only is Twitter perfect for finding new customers, its ideal for getting feedback from existing clients. the seamless communication has made customer service as effortless as its ever been. Companies like Zappos, Walmart and many others keep a close eye on their feedback, making sure any complaints are tended to.

If you want stable footing in the business world, get tweeting.