My brother and I love riding motorcycles. So, about a year and a half ago, we decided to create a ‘motovlogging’ channel. Essentially we ride our motorcycles, and talk about stuff related to riding. The channel centers around the experiences that he, his wife, and I have as we ride our motorcycles together. Each month we draw in approximately 25,000 viewers and 200 new subscribers. Believe it or not, we actually do generate income from our channel. Although small, our channel has been featured by other larger channels and has received sponsorship’s from notable companies such as: Arrow Exhausts, T-Rex Racing, and more.

So, why am I writing about this in an Internet Entrepreneurship class? Well, a YouTube channel is actually a business. By running a Youtube channel you are essentially running a mini entertainment network. If you can run this network properly, it can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. Here are 2 things to keep in mind when creating a channel:

  1. You are connecting people – As a YouTube ‘content creator,’ as they are called, you are bringing a community of people with similar interests together. If you can bring people together in an entertaining and positive way, people will continue to come back to watch your content, which means you will be opening your channel to more opportunities to be profitable.
  2. You serve the public – As a content creator, you are always listening to your audience. If you can adapt to the ‘market’s’ demands, then you will continue to drive interest in your content. By serving your audience to the best of your ability, you can ensure customer satisfaction and drive up value.

By focusing on these 2 points, you can ensure that your channel will be successful in entertaining people, as well as generating profit throughout that process. The internet has created a way for even the smallest communities to connect in a quick and easy way. By recognizing and connecting these people, you can not only entertain them, but also generate income.

Quick disclaimer: Two Wheel Trio does not exist simply to make money. Two Wheel Trio is the birth of our passion to ride motorcycles and create awesome content for our viewers. However, it can be evaluated in terms of a business, where two of the mains goals are to drive value and generate income. Thanks for reading!