How do we communicate with others the ideas we have, convince them and begin taking the steps to make them a reality? Well if we intend to pursue them we start off by sketching and jotting down our thoughts. But what do we do next? How can you go from ink on paper to obtaining funding, app development and eventually having the app in the hands of the intended users?


While it used to only be possible to communicate our ideas with a paper sketch, with the development of the internet in recent years, entrepreneurs have more tools than ever before. These can range from letting users create still image mockups to responsive designs that can be tested and experienced… allowing anyone to create without needing to know a single line of code. Other tools like InVision allow for CSS code to be generated allowing developers to easily take your prototype and turn it into a developed app. Additional features include integrated user testing features, sliding and interactive elements and web access. These tools available permit entrepreneurs to get real feedback while creating to be sure what they are making is what the market wants and that developers can create it for you as you envision it.