If you are an entrepreneur I feel it is safe to say that you want to communicate with your customers to gain productive relationships. For example it would probably be good to know who are actually opening your emails and who is not. Well with the features of the email management tool MailChimp this process can be made much easier for businesses.

For marketing purposes a business will sometimes send out an email campaign to its subscribers to get its name out or tell consumers about new deals and discounts that they are offering. With MailChimp, businesses will be able to see if their email campaigns are effective or not.

MailChimp tracks the performance of each email that is sent out and creates interactive graphs for you to use. These graphs can show you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, and what percentage clicked on it. MailChimp also shows you where your subscribers are in the world. This gives the user of MailChimp the ability to see who is opening the mail and who is not in a certain part of the world. Giving the user the ability to be more strategic with where in the world they continue or discontinue their email efforts.

Among these other trends being shown MailChimp can also give you a look into how people react to certain kinds of emails. Whether they are attracted to emails with a lot of pictures or are more interested in text. All of these trends being tracked can then be used to create a more productive email campaign that can be used to help your consumer better than you could before.

Using the information from these trends, MailChimp can help you get closer with your users by creating different lists of users. These lists organize users based on their interactions with your emails. For example there is a list that show where emails bounced, were not opened, and unsubscribed. Through these lists you can also find your biggest fans. MailChimp allows you to mark these big fans as VIP’s which can lead you to developing close relationships with your VIP users.

MailChimp has a large variety of tools for its users to gain intel on how their email campaigns are doing. You can use MailChimp’s services for free on your computer as well as your mobile device.


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