How do we listen to our customers? While working on an app startup, user testing is essential to the development of a product that our consumers will want to buy. The same goes for physical products you create and the interactions your customer has with your website. You want to create something that people will derive value from and from that you make profit. In internet entrepreneurship, running social media campaigns utilizing AB Testing is another form of user testing when looking to discover what it is that can drive your customer to your site and ultimately make a purchase. Companies like Facebook and Google make it easy for businesses to target demographics and run multiple ad campaigns to do this sort of testing. An example of this could be by the color you select for your ad; how many clicks do you receive? Utilizing Google Analytics, you can discover trends in your online audience.

When conducting user testing, you try to conduct them in person when possible… but recorded sessions and online surveys also are useful in development. It is often best to include the customer in you early stages of development that way you don’t go too far down a road before having to turn around. When making an app, this process includes: wireframing, low fidelity and high-fidelity mockups and developed prototypes. The benefits of this not only include creating something that your customer desires but also avoiding costly mistakes that can occur when spending 10 months on something rather than 3 weeks. So, when developing an idea or product… be sure to remember your client in the process.