Hello, my name is Najib Afghan, 3rd year entrepreneurship student here at Grove City College. I came up with following idea. My email is: Najib.Afghan@vestacondominiums.com


Despite our economic and industrial growth in the 21st century, we struggle make ends meet. One in every 4 Americans says cost of living is their no 1 financial concern. Ever since we could makes sense of our world as child not having enough food, a warm bed, a clean-modern home and those problems become 10, 20 times greater as we grow older and go on to college or on to the real world especially when you do not have good paying job or family support.


Current solutions are renting are either buying a house or renting an expensive apartments that you would probably struggle to find people to share it with to lower rents cost on one person. This especially a problem when moving to a city where is no single housing brand that will always have cheap living space that suits your needs.

My solutions is to tackles cost of living such as food, laundry, rent and utilities cost by offering housing high rise complex offering hostel like sound proof bunk beds to nano-apartments, micro apartments, family apartments and luxury apartments. Each bed or apartment are pre manufactured cubes that can be ordering in demand!

Besides housing, we offer cleaning, gardening, laundry services and meal plan. The estimate price of a hostel bed is less then 5 dollars that comes with clean sheets and shower. For nano less than $100/month rent, $100/month meal plan, and $100/ cleaning, laundry and gardening service.

Why chose us, cheap, modern, and save you time from doing cleaning, laundry, cooking and grocery shopping.