If you don’t fully believe in an idea, you probably aren’t going to get very far. In order to create a successful startup, the idea must be great and the resolve must be high. There can be no resolve if you are not fully invested in the idea. A great article by Entrepreneur.com entitled, “3 Beliefs of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs,” goes in depth about what it takes to make your idea into something great.

  • Belief 1: Focus on your 1,000 true fans. The idea behind this is that creating a fully invested and incredibly excited fanbase is integral to expanding your business. It doesn’t require your business to go viral, just that you amas a following which is not only brand loyal, but brand ambassadors. People who will go to any lengths to fight for your company and are always telling others about it. Having a small but dedicated following, is essential for your startup.
  • Belief 2: Do things that don’t scale: In order to get some traction for your business or idea, you may have to knock on doors or give out beta versions to try. Not only that, but you must follow up with the people you interact with in order to get feedback or get them to recommend your business to others. These activities are not scalable at all but they are often necessary to gain the initial traction that is required.
  • Belief 3: Stay on the bus. This goes back to sticking with your idea and believing in it even if it doesn’t initially get traction. The idea is that often people will board a bus and get off at one of the first exits, but this is not the way that entrepreneurship works. If you really believe in an idea, than you have to ride it out to the end. If others are getting off the “bus” and hopping onto another idea, that is okay because at that point you have more leg room. Don’t give up on your ideas easily.