I don’t know about you, but my phone and computer always seem cluttered with apps, tabs, and countless bookmarks. There is never enough room to keep everything organized and within easy access. If only there was a tool that I could use to help me organize my digital content.

Oh wait, there is.

Pocket is an app that lets you save a wide variety of digital content from articles, to videos, to recipes on the cloud to be accessed anywhere. It cuts through all the clutter and confusion of having computer bookmarks and multiple apps by letting you save everything you need to one app. Once saved to Pocket, the articles and such are uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed on any device even offline. This allows you to have immediate access to your content at any time without having to sort through proverbial stacks of media or find a wi-fi signal.

Another great aspect of the Pocket app is that you can share your saved content with friends pretty easily. You can send a video straight from your Pocket to a friends Pocket, or share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Evernote. This allows you to easily organize and spread important resources with classmates, professors, or friends. No longer do you have to worry about stuff getting lost between emails or buried under your Facebook feed. Pocket gives you great sharing and saving power when it comes to the valuable online content you find.

With so much of our information discovery and exchange taking place digitally, it is becoming more imperative to use powerful bookmark tools such as Pocket. Entrepreneurs don’t have the time worry about where their online content is floating around. Cloud-linked organization apps are the tool of the future and can help make any business owner, or student more productive.

So let me ask you, what’s in your Pocket?