How many social media profiles do you have? How many hours do you spend on updating them? Do you own a business that is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google? How long do you spend managing them? More than you should right? Let me introduce you to Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is an application in which all your social media networks are displayed on one dashboard. LinkedIn, Tumblr, and YouTube can be organized in whatever order you like, with capabilities to schedule posts and updates to your profiles simultaneously and also communicate with friends and customers. There are also the online benefits of managing you profiles like creating an event on Facebook, sharing a link with your friends, and posting a video on YouTube.

Hootsuite was originally developed to bring quality management and speed to business. With a special setting for a business network dashboard, the team leader can interact with certain members through messages within the app and assign tasks to specific team members. Hootsuite also notifies you when something is new and combines related updates so you won’t have to read the same notification twice. What a time saver!

This application is a great tool for the entrepreneur as he tries to test a new product or service with the public or in managing a running business on multiple media networks. Although many people who have personal profiles on various social media networks do not mind spending hours keeping up with them, the majority of businesses do. Founder Ryan Holmes saw a very specific problem with social media networking and took advantage of the opportunity to solve it. People spend too much time updating and managing their profiles. With the capability to manage all social media profiles both as an individual or business, Hootsuite is a great application for new and old businesses to stay in contact with those who matter through social media.