In our modern world of technology, it has never been easier to be an online entrepreneur nor has it been more competitive.  This extremely competitive market space makes it hard to be successful as an entrepreneur in this area.  While it may be hard and may also be competitive, the rewards are well worth the work it takes to make it to the top.  While each market has its own quirks and differences, every online entrepreneur should have good work practices and habits when managing their enterprise.  Here are 5 characteristics found in successful online entrepreneurs that you should incorporate into your life and routine.

1. Invest in Yourself

If you’re not learning and challenging yourself to grow, you’re doing yourself a disfavor.  Upon launching your startup and managing it, you’ll be tempted to pour all your time and energy into your business.  Don’t do that.  You’ll most likely end up pushing yourself too hard and hurting yourself in the long run.  Leave time for you.  Challenge yourself to eat healthy, workout, build relationships, and learn new things both related to the business world and not related.  The most successful online entrepreneurs have their lives put together and know how to balance their time and energy.

2. Don’t Lose Your Moral Code

It can be easy to solely focus on revenue and growing that but don’t.  The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t the ones that go after making the most profit.  Money and greed does not consume them.  Yes, they always seek to grow their profit margins, but they have others goals as well.  Whether that be a social impact, helping others, or providing the best service at a fair price.  Don’t let owning your own business compromise your morals or values.  Rather operate your business based on your morals and beliefs.

3. Focus on a Target Market

The riches are in the niches.  The broader your target market, the harder it will be to catch value and attention.  Don’t try and do it all.  Find your niche, focus on that, and your chances of success increase.  The best online entrepreneurs focus on a specialty in their market.  This creates value and brings a loyal customer base to your brand.

4. Take Calculated Risks

You’re going to face many challenges when running your company.  You’re going to have to make a lot of hard decisions.  The most successful entrepreneurs are willing to risks.  If you’re not willing to bet on yourself or your company you’re not going to go anywhere.  Investors look for CEO’s willing to take calculated risks that will advance the companies the position.

5. Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

Never give up.  Running an online company can be extremely challenging and difficult.  You will run into setbacks, errors, unhappy customers, and other issues.  Successful entrepreneurs never quit or let a moment of opportunity slip by.  They have a goal and they make that goal a reality, even if it means fighting to stay afloat.  Never give up on your dream.  Persistence and hard work equal success.  If you want your company to succeed you have to be willing to dig in work for it.