Last week Gret Glyer came to speak at Grove City. Gret graduated from Grove City College in 2012. He was an entrepreneurship major and quickly went on to start his own business. During his talk, Gret outlined a bit of his story. The few years after he graduated were pivotal to him eventually finding his purpose, and he gave his advice on steps others should take to help find their purpose “in record time.”

Gret spent the year after he graduated working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car. He put in long weeks and quickly worked his way up to a management position. Although he was having success, he was not fulfilled and started searching for other opportunities that would perhaps be more fulfilling to him. Soon an opportunity came to move to a small country in Africa and work doing mission and service work for the people there. He spent most of the next three years working and serving in this country.

Something that Gret found himself continually coming back to during this time was his desire to help the poor. It was out of these thoughts that he had the idea for DonorSee. DonorSee is an app that allows people from all over the world to give to poor people in need, helping them with specific items such as a hearing aid or something similar. The giver then gets a video a few days later of the recipient receiving the item purchased. It allows givers to connect more closely with the people and causes that they’re donating to. Through his work, Gret has discovered that a big part of his purpose in life is to serve the poor.

According to Gret, there are three important things to remember when trying to find your purpose. Here they are:

  1. Inoculate yourself against fear
  2. Accept personal responsibility for your life
  3. Invest your 20’s

Inoculating yourself against fear is important because it allows you to face many trials and hardships that you never thought you could overcome. Accepting personal responsibility for your life is especially important after graduating college, where nothing is ever handed to you again. Investing your 20’s is a big part of growing and experiencing new things. As we experience new things we’re stretched, and our horizons are expanded. These three rules, according to Gret, will help lead you to your purpose.