Branding is crucial to the success of any young startup. Having a strong brand allows consumers to be more easily attracted to your site and products, promoting customer loyalty. Building a strong brand that has very loyal customers also has many other benefits, like consumer generated content, positive reviews, etc. that all help promote your brand without you, the founder, having to do any actual work.


Keep things simple and your message on point. There are so many crazy branding strategies out there, but often times all they do is confuse potential customers and scare them away. Clearly communicate what your brand is about, what it does, and reflect core company values.


You need to have a stronger following other than your social media accounts. The easiest way to do this is incorporating a blog into your website that you then promote on social media. This way, you drive consumers to your main site, where your product is located, and establish authority in your niche market. Plus, it helps out with any SEO efforts by building this into your site, which can drive even more traffic to your site just from a general search query.


An audience needs something to consume. Above, I mentioned a blog is an easy way. However, podcasting and youtube videos are huge now. These are great ways to generate great content that consumers will love. Plus, listening to a podcast or youtube video is a passive activity, so as long as you can create it on a topic that will interest listeners, it’s a slam dunk.


Marketing and branding go hand in hand. Without a solid marketing strategy, consumers won’t be able to find out about your products or services. Marketing should align with your branding strategy and promote company values and product benefits. Convey to the customers why your brand is unique and eliminate any pain points they may have along their buying journey.