When I was first introduced to the world of Grove City College entrepreneurship, there were two names that I constantly heard: Kim Garrett and Rooted Beauty. I shared my heart for non-profits with Professor Yvonne English at our first meeting, and she used Kim as an example as to why I should consider entrepreneurship as my major.Image result for kim garrett rooted beauty

Well, here, I am a year later pursuing an entrepreneurship degree. However, I feel as though I did not really know Kim’s story. Considering this story is part of the reason I chose my major, I wanted to know who she is and the way she pursued God’s calling in her life.

Kim brings up in interviews that she was very much inspired by her faith to start Rooted Beauty. She says that the love of Jesus is what caused her to want to help women who were being trafficked, abused, oppressed, and more. When combining this with her love of skin care and a give-back model, Rooted Beauty began to take shape.

As a freshman, one of the most inspiring parts of Kim’s story is how she took her developing idea and stepped out in faith. She took her budding business to competitions and pitched to investors. At the department meeting in September when I looked over the calendar of events and competitions for the semester, it all seemed a bit overwhelming. But, the fact that Kim was willing to try and just see where her idea would take her is very comforting. It teaches me that I just have to go for it and see what happens.