Social entrepreneurship brings such a joy to me because it’s basically a legal, modern-day version of Robin Hood. I spent many a childhood afternoon watching the charming Disney version of tale, and although Robin Hood is the dictionary definition of a thief, I found it impossible to not root for him and his noble cause. He spent his days helping the less fortunate with the funds of those who had enough. Modern-day social entrepreneurs accomplish this same task, but through an exchange of goods rather than through elaborate charade scams.

It’s a fascinating and beautiful concept, social entrepreneurship. By having a functioning business you can help your customers get what they need whilst at the same time run/support a charitable program providing help to others. Your customers are helping people out whether they realize it or not in addition to receiving the product or service they desired. It’s a win-win situation.

Although many social entrepreneurs aren’t located in the English countryside, staffed by humanoid animals, or have bosses that are exceptionally good archers, they are doing  a phenomenal job using their talents and businesses to better the world. It is encouraging to see companies based around serving others, especially as it seems that both hurt and greed are always on the rise.

The tale of Robin Hood is one that inspires many, and I think it’s incredible that while you might never be able to have the superpowers of, say, Superman or Spider Man, it is well within our power to emulate the things that make the hero of Nottingham such an admirable character. All you’ve got to do is strap on your boots, call out “oo-de-lally,” and sell your product for the good of mankind.