Today’s social media has become a free way for companies to build their brand image, connect with consumers, and reach a mass audience. Now more than ever new businesses must utilize this free medium to attract potential customers. Businesses are forced to construct detailed and intentional strategies for social media marketing to be able to compete with the clutter on most social media websites.

In Justin Sach’s article on Huffington post he compares 7 of the best social media websites for businesses. He not only lists social media websites like Linkedin and Yelp which are made for businesses but he also assesses social media giants like Instagram and Facebook. Justin placed Facebook and Twitter as the two most important social media websites for businesses to utilize because of their reach and ability to convert prospective buyers into actual customers. Twitter and Facebook both have the right demographic of users who are able to afford to buy products and remain loyal to the company if they are impressed by the value provided. Businesses should focus on posts and content and the type of posts that can be created on these websites.

Personally I feel that Yelp can be a bad website for businesses to focus on. Most consumers are not interested in writing good Yelp reviews when they are provided good service but customers that feel cheated of shorted will write terrible posts about your company’s bad service. It is very difficult for companies to rebound from these bad reviews that end up happening on this social media. Companies should focus on social media outlets that allow them to communicate with consumers instead of just reviews of their products. Social media can easily make or break a company’s perception in the market. This forces businesses to focus on social media marketing to make their business perception on the internet positive.