Stella & Dot:

Stella & Dot is a jewelry company that has become extremely successful and is now ranked as an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company. It has also gotten rave reviews and has been featured in many publications and shows. However, it’s not the average jewelry company or website. Instead, the founder, Jessica Herrin, has created a boutique style line of jewelry and accessories that can only be bought through in-home trunk shows or online.


Founder of Stella & Dot– Jessica Herrin

  • Mother of two
  • Co-founder of
  • She wanted to help modern women achieve a career while doing something they loved
  • She also wanted women to have success in that career and make an income
  • She had a passion for personal service


Some Things That set Stella & Dot Apart:

The jewelry that is sold by Stella & Dot is not simply one designer and one style. It incorporates styles from many different designers and there is something for everyone. Another goal of the company is to ensure that everything at Stella & Dot is made and sold an ethical, legal, and responsible manner. The team behind Stella & Dot partners with companies that share those same goals.

Their Social Responsibility Program highlights what the company and their partners all share in those areas. They all strive to high standards for the products as well as high standards in the work environments of each company. Human rights, health and safety, and fair wages are all areas that are extremely important to Stella & Dot and their partner companies. The Stella & Dot Code of Conduct is the baseline standards that every partner must comply with for business.

The Stella & Dot Foundation is also an important part of the company’s mission. The Foundation supports the charity Every Mother Counts as well others throughout the year. Sales of the foundation accessories are what support those charities and allow Stella & Dot to continue giving back.


What Stella & Dot Represent:

Stella & Dot represents what can happen when an entrepreneur with a vision and a passion takes that idea and actually turns it into a thriving business that has become well known and well respected. Jessica Herrin used her passion for personal service and turned that into a profitable company; however she distanced herself even more from competition by adding philanthropic areas to her company. Today, Stella & Dot has became a company that is noted for its unique accessories and its unique outlook on the world.