In today’s social media-driven world, utilizing social media is essential for any online business.  Social media is the lifeblood of any company’s online community.  While managing your social media accounts, it’s also important to make sure you integrate social media on your website.  There are however, some do’s and don’ts to how you go about this.

Social Media Share and Follow Buttons

This is a basic setup and strategy that every website should have.  Make sure your site has links to your social media somewhere on each page.  You want to make it easy for the user to access your company’s social media from your site.  However, you do not want to encourage the user to leave your site, as that defeats the purpose of having a website and lowers your SEO performance.  Also, make sure to add share buttons on all of the content that you publish so that users can share what you have.

Social Login and Social Identity

Registration = Retention.  Social media is the perfect login system that your site needs.  Users’ trust it, and they will most likely click the “push to login” button.  73% of people say they would rather log in with their social media than create an account on a website.  By making the registration process easier, your conversion rate increases as more and more people will register to your site.  Having a login for social media also makes your site look more trustworthy to users.  When users can see that their friends like your brand it sends the user the message of credibility.

Don’t Overuse Social and Learn from Analytics

While using Social Media links are a great tool, however, be sure to not overuse them.  They are a tool.  Not the features your website has to offer.  Place social media links where they need to be and let the user decide if they want to use them.  Using social media plugins also gives you incredibly helpful analytical tools to see how your community engages with both your website and social media content.  Be sure to utilize these tools when publishing content on your site and social media pages.