We are living in a world that is filled with technology to a point where practically every aspect of human existence has been included in the internet of things (IOT). The IOT is the inter-connectivity of everything in life, for example when looking at progression we have seen cars go from being independent to now all including technology that links us to the rest of the world. This world that keeps progressing towards a world filled with more inter-connectivity has brought about many new opportunities for the entrepreneur. Those embracing its existence can reap benefits far greater than that of a consumer… but that as a producer.

Today it is easier than ever to become an internet entrepreneur. Whether you look to start a social media page, YouTube channel, launch an e-commerce store, create an app or some other way you have discovered to disrupt the market… the internet has not only made starting these easy, but providing the tools needed to learn and grow these are widely available.

Many of these internet business ventures can be started for little to no cost when getting started, making it very easy for entrepreneurs to test the waters and experiment as to their hypotheses will be validated in the market. When selling products online, tools such as Shopify, allow you to set up an e-commerce store in less than a weekend. When looking to create an app, plenty of wireframing/prototyping tools are available ranging anywhere from free to more expensive professional plans. These allow entrepreneurs to turn their idea trapped in their head for an app into a responsive mock app to better communicate what they are trying to create. Some examples of these include: Balsamiq, Moqups, Adobe XD, Proto.io, Axure RP, Marvel and Invision. From here, you can either find coders on platforms such as UpWork, find a local programmer, or have a company develop it for you.

Of course, this post is not to suggest in anyway that running a business is as easy as launching a website, moreover that it has become a simple process that with the right work… one can work to discover an internet endeavor that will fit in the market. So what will you create?