Workflow is an amazing app that lets you wire your phone to think like you! Workflow allows you to customize your own device to function the way you do! The app allows you to do a crazy amount of different things like: search for directions to a destination, find a restaurant, search for songs, upload the most recent photo taken to Twitter, and a host of other things that could fill this page! The way this creative app works is, you teach your phone what to do when it recognizes a certain function performed on the device. The app integrates unrelated apps to make your own personal line extension customized to your own likes and settings. These customization’s cover over a 150 actions and 10 categories (calendar, contacts, documents, maps, music, photos and videos, scripting, sharing, text, and web.)

! The app is very user-friendly like standard Apple devices themselves and is easy to navigate and use.

You can buy the app for a cheap price of $2.99! If you are still in doubt if it is worth it and just how useful it is, check out this video on YouTube showing some great features!