Relive the 2023 Finals!

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Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Commercial Enterprise Category

1st Place
Cleat Caddy
Ross Morrow


2nd Place
Julia Kemmetler


3rd Place
Student Sync
Sam Hogue


Social Enterprise Category

1st Place
Grassroots Greenbacks
Garrett Gess


T-2nd Place
The Tapestry
Emma Ruby Whiteford


T-2nd Place
Restore the Word
Jenna Knepper


T-2nd Place
Hygiene Hive
Reagan Mays


Grove City Foundation Social Impact Prize

The Tapestry
Emma Ruby Whiteford


Fan Favorite Award

Hygiene Hive
Reagan Mays


Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists!


  • Coffee Basics | Grace Serritella ’27 English
  • Have to Go | Kenzie Mawhinney ’26 Marketing
  • Cleat Caddy | Ross Morrow ’27 Design & Innovation
  • Scan Guard | Julia Kammetler ’25 Communication Arts
  • Inc and Influence Inc | Charles Vahlberg ’27 Design & Innovation
  • ShipPic | Ellie Gardner ’27 Entrepreneurship
  • Airharness | Alex Christman ’27 Political Science
  • StudentSync | Sam Hogue ’25 BARS
  • StickSaver | Alyssa Good ’25 Marketing
  • ReelCharge | Jacob Peters ’26 Management & Marketing


  • Allari | Greta Paulding ’27 Marketing
  • The Tapestry | Emma Ruby Whiteford ’24 English
  • Hygiene Hive | Reagan Mays ’27 Entrepreneurship
  • Little Life Stories | Alex Anderson ’26 Entrepreneurship
  • Grassroots Greenbacks | Garrett Gess ’27 Business Economics
  • Restore the Word | Jenna Knepper ’25 Design & Innovation

Thank you to our sponsors!

2023 Judges


Tim Mech

GCC Professor (Ret.)

Social Entrepreneur

Lynn Bashew ’84

Program Manager

The Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation

Craig Columbus


Columbus Macro, LLC


Dorene Powell

Vice President, The Grove City Foundation

Board Member, The Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio



Many thanks to all of the Reviewers who watched and evaluated the student pitches in Round 2!

Aaron Leitch
Abigail Brothers
Alan E Mesches
Alissa Sgro
Andrew Ellison
Ann Thomas
Benjamin Demers
Beth Lepore
Beth Marraccini
Bob Baierl
Bob Keller
Brad Dearborn
Brett Yusiewicz
Brian Dutton
Brian Gongaware
Cameron Suorsa
Charles “Bob” Scott
Chris Botting
Collin Foster
Craig Creaturo
Curt Given

Dan Creston
Daniel Thompson
Darla Livermore
Dean Faklis
Dean Marraccini
Elisabeth O’Brien
Ellie DelTurco
Frances Baldwin
Freddie Bremble
Glenn McDonald
Haley Kahle (Nerlich)
Heidi McDowell
Jack Thomas
Jeff Curran
Jeff Lininger
John Holt
John Romain
Julie Gahagan
Kelly Shields
Kim Marks
Kris Deemer

Lauren Marts
Lesley Winfield
Lou Palumbo
Mark Brody
Melissa Jacobs
Michael Hemmerlin
Michael Pentz
Mitchell McFeely
Paul Marshall
Robbie Davis
Robin Parsons
Ron Templeton
Ronald Miller
Ruth Entwistle
Scott McDowell
Stephanie Slezak
Steve DeCaspers
Steve Solman
Tiffany (Bicek) Rice
Victoria Hassett
Wendy Marshall