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Career Services

As an Entrepreneurship major, you will learn how to build a new business and how to succeed in an existing one. Your post-graduation opportunities are exciting, diverse, and uniquely suited to fit your skills and aspirations.

About Career Services at Grove City College

96% of our graduates attained employment or admittance into graduate school six months post-graduation last year. There’s a reason for that.

The Grove City College Office of Career Services, named #12 Best Career Services Office by Princeton Review, desires to help you find a career that aligns with your gifts and passions and that provides you with true purpose and satisfaction. Our team assists you in finding your calling and in pursing and preparing you for it. We want you to go out into all realms of our culture and transform it to the advancement of the common good.  The Office of Career Services upholds the principle that work is inherently good and purposeful; that all work is honoring and glorifying to God. We were meant for work, and all areas of society need the impact and influence only Christ can bring. The Office of Career Services provides a wide scope of offerings and services to our students. We encourage students to embark on a four-step career plan involving self-assessment, career exploration, career decision making, and a strategic job search. The skills students gain on this journey equip them with job search skills that will last a lifetime.

Entrepreneurship Career Services Contact

Amy Evans, M.S.

Amy is your Entrepreneurship go-to for all things career. She inspires students to develop skills from valuable and applied experiences that will apply to their future career goals. She coaches students to pursue their callings, identify their talents, and stand out in the job search process. Beyond coaching, she networks and engages with employers to connect them to memorable, engaging, and high quality candidates.

Paths of Past Entrepreneurship Majors

We love talking about the huge variety of things our alumni have accomplished after graduation. Take a look at just some of the job titles Entrepreneurship majors have held. You may notice that while their positions are diverse, all of these alumni are using the foundational skills of entrepreneurship at work. Problem-solving, initiative, flexibility and adaptability, critical and analytical thinking, creativity, and more are a daily part of the roles and responsibilities of an Entrepreneurship graduate.

The Lanes of Entrepreneurship


The Entrepreneurship program at Grove City College accepts, educates, and mentors principled, high-impact entrepreneurs with a variety of gifts and dreams for the future. Many of our students begin successful businesses after graduation, but many others fulfill their hopes of working in missions + ministry, corporate environments, nonprofits, family-owned businesses, and small businesses. 

Learn More

Whether you’re a high school student exploring colleges or a current student interested in learning more about your post-graduation opportunities as an Entrepreneurship major, we would love to help you. Reach out any time to set up a visit with Amy, our Career Services contact, or to learn more about the program and schedule a visit with our team.