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The Center for Entrepreneurship  + Innovation at Grove City College supports and empowers entrepreneurs of all majors to start and succeed in their own entrepreneurial ventures. Our nationally recognized array of programs, competitions, and events are open to all students. We are proud of our alumni of all majors, and we hope you enjoy their stories and paths as much as we do!

E+I Alumni Venture Profiles


Gecko Robotics


Rooted Beauty


Can’t decide what to eat? A GCC Entrepreneur made an app for that!

Our very own Jake Murphy ’21 (Computer Information Systesm) made an app called Restaurant Picker that makes picking where to eat not only easy, but fun too! Jake participated in E+I’s VentureLab and E+I’s Wolverine Venture Battle last year.

Student entrepreneur’s tea makes it into Whole Foods

The business that senior Entrepreneurship major Mark Sotomayor ’20 started his freshman year at Grove City College reached a major milestone recently when Whole Foods began stocking their shelves with his product.

Building robotic safety inspectors nabs Gecko Robotics $40 million

E+I alumni business Gecko Robotics lands $40 million in financing as it looks to build an additional 40 robots over the next year to meet what the company sees as growing demand for its safety and infrastructure monitoring services.

App helps kids make Santa lists, parents check them

An student business fostered by E+I at Grove City College has developed a free app that allows parents to manage and incentivize Santa-crazed kids at Christmas time while directing donors to a local children’s charity.

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