An Entrepreneurial Life of Purpose

Grove City College is truly a unique institution that combines nonsectarian Christian faith and perspective with a proud tradition of free market entrepreneurial thought.

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Department of Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Department seeks to prepare and inspire principled, high-impact entrepreneurs whose innovations improve people’s lives and solve important problems.

We provide a high-caliber academic environment that includes real-world entrepreneurial experience, an idea-generating culture, and an emphasis on ethical decision-making and purposeful living.

Entrepreneurship majors develop valuable, versatile skills including accounting, finance, marketing, technology, strategy, and creative problem-solving abilities. Students learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities. They acquire a framework to conceptualize, finance, launch, manage, and harvest a wide variety of new ventures. These include commercial businesses such as high tech startups as well as not-for-profit enterprises that address urgent human needs. Students may also choose to apply their entrepreneurial knowledge to existing family businesses or elect to create new ventures or products within large corporations.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grove City College

At The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, we seek to raise the arc of innovation across campus.   We believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on this campus and throughout society.

Our programs are open and available to all Grove City students regardless of major.  We provide real-world entrepreneurial experiences that allow students to build relationships and expand possibilities. Even if you don’t plan to start a business, the skills learned through participation in our programs can deepen your experience and enhance your résumé.

We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities we offer. You can find a calendar of events on the back of this page. Come be inspired by our speakers, be challenged by our competitions, and let us help you nurture your creativity and cultivate the leader you are meant to be!