A conference for college students who want their lives to mean more.

February 16 — February 18, 2024 | Pittsburgh, PA

Imagine a world where our studies, relationships, vocations, cities, and entire lives are restored.

Imagine a world where hopelessness is banished. Where there is no room for despair or loneliness.

Discover how Jesus is making everything new—and calls you to join in the ongoing work of restoration. Leave Jubilee with a vision for your life, equipped with the tools to transform the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Stand in the hope that Jesus is restoring all things. Come hear the good news that every heart is searching for—that Jesus Christ is alive.

Because this changes EVERYTHING.

Grove City College Students:

Join us at Jubilee!

Our very own Yvonne English ’97, Executive Director and EIR at the Center for E+I will be performing workshops on the topic of business.

Whether you’re a visionary entrepreneur, a driven builder ready to look for a job, or an imaginative creative with plans for a side hustle, chances are you’ll be involved with one or more businesses in your lifetime. Now, let’s get real – business often wears the villain cape, and, sometimes, it’s well-deserved. But what if there was a way to reimagine business as a tool to serve others and redeem the brokenness in our world? Come learn about redemptive entrepreneurship, a game-changing approach to business that follows the model of the ultimate disruptor, Christ himself. We’ll explore existing opportunities to apply your redemptive imagination to serve others through venture creation and learn about practical resources to help you start your change-making journey in redemptive entrepreneurship.

This conference is a transformative experience that gives college students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the plans God has for them.

The conference features worship for every student, workshops for every major, and exhibitors for every interest.

The Center for E+I is offering scholarships for students to attend the conference, covering the cost of their ticket (a $200+ value)!

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