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Bill Strickland ~ Visionary Entrepreneur Speaker

Entrepreneurship at GCC  welcomes Mr. Bill Strickland; Social Architect, Author, Community Leader, Visionary and Entrepreneur.  Mr. Strickland is the President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell, a world-class institute in Pittsburgh devoted to vocational instruction in partnership with big business.  Manchester Bidwell embodies Strickland’s conviction that an atmosphere of high culture and respect will energize even the most troubled students.  He is the author of  “Make the Impossible Possible:  One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary,” the recipient of the MacArthur Foundation’s “Genius Grant,” and the subject of three Harvard Business School case studies.

Bill Strickland talks to Brittany Hayward '11

Strickland believes that every one of us has the potential for remarkable achievement.  Come to Sticht Lecture Hall tonight @ 7:00 pm, and hear him tell how all of us can build on our passions and strengths, dream bigger, set the bar higher, and help mentor and inspire the lives of others!  For more information contact Lynn Stillwaggon 724-458-2003.

Visionary Entrepreneur Speaker Series 2009-2010

American Rebirth Through Entrepreneurship

There are few things more American than the entrepreneur, and few educational environments more uniquely American than Grove City College. True to our free economy roots, we champion the rights and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur.

Throughout history, entrepreneurs have confronted the challenges of our world – and in doing so, have played a prominent role in the public square. The Grove City Entrepreneurship Department is proud to welcome a distinguished collection of entrepreneurs whose revolutionary innovations and big ideas are contributing to an American economic renaissance.