BlueTree Allied Angels Virtual Field Trips

A few times each year, the Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation offers students the opportunity to attend BlueTree Allied Angels Members/Investors meetings in Pittsburgh. The Members/Investors Meeting is a gathering of the larger group of investors for the purpose of hearing the presentations of 1 – 3 companies in order to assess whether or not to invest. This is a unique, introductory opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes look at an angel investor group.

Join Prof. Smith in HAL 310 for an opportunity to observe a real BlueTree Allied Angels meeting!

*This semester’s events will be held on campus due to COVID-19

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About BlueTree

BlueTree Allied Angels is a group of accredited investors that invests in regional, early-stage companies. Our members-only organization operates as a network of private equity investors that meets regularly  to evaluate and consider pre-institutional investments. Leveraging our members’ knowledge and experience helps to mitigate investment risk, thus, strengthening the probability of investment success.