Relive the 2022 Finals!

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Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Commercial Enterprise Category

1st Place
Shelton Brower


2nd Place
Sarah Welker


3rd Place
Joe Gray


Social Enterprise Category

1st Place
Book N Bullet Foundation
Luke Mantzell


2nd Place
Art on Wheels
Mary Golias


3rd Place
Adopt a Golfer
Benjamin Lockwood


Grove City Foundation Social Impact Prize

Book N Bullet Foundation
Luke Mantzell


Fan Favorite Award

Book N Bullet Foundation
Luke Mantzell


Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists!


  • Color by Note | Naomi Ng ’26 Design and Innovation
  • Cinq | Joe Gray ’23 Entrepreneurship
  • Flyer | Caleb Einolf ’26 Design and Innovation
  • Gunslingers | Ayden Gutierrez ’24 Communication Arts
  • MadeFree | Sarah Welker ’24 Design and Innovation
  • Stradivarius Tuning | Jacob Huber ’26 Electrical Engineering
  • Ease for Ears | Megan Dewing ’26 Political Science
  • Breathe Easy | Nicholas Heltzel ’26 Undeclared
  • SoloCollar | Shelton Brower ’24 Marketing


  • Book N Bullet Foundation | Luke Mantzell ’24 Finance + Entrepreneurship
  • Rarefinds | Mara Brak ’26 Design and Innovation
  • Art on Wheels | Mary Golias ’26 Design and Innovation
  • Adopt a Golfer | Benjamin Lockwood ’23 Finance
  • Safety Net | Ella Medairy ’25 Design and Innovation
  • Revelare | Rachel Petschke ’26 Design and Innovation

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2022 Judges


Tim Daigle ’84

Senior Business Advisor

AXIA Consulting

Carissa Habsburg ’11

Tax Director

Sisterson & Co LLP

Brian Gongaware ’92

Principal, Regional Managing Director, Director of Advisory Services

McKinley Carter Wealth Services, Inc.


Dorene Powell

Vice President, The Grove City Foundation

Board Member, The Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio



Many thanks to all of the Reviewers who watched and evaluated the student pitches in Round 2!

Alexandria Bailey
Tiffany Bicek
Chris Botting
Mark Brody
Abigail Brothers
Leslie Craven
Craig Creaturo
Daniel Creston
Kris Deemer
Ruth Entwistle
Sondra Fisher
Kim Ford
Collin Foster
Sandy Frederick
Jennifer Gilliland
Curt Given
Alex Graham
Glenn Grossman
Victoria Hassett
Ethan Hayward
Lindy Hitzel
Calvin Holston
John Holt

Heather Hondel
Edward Huttenhower
Melissa Jacobs
Barbara Johnson
Bob Keller
Sharon LeJeune
Beth Lepore
Robert Lewis
Don Lockhart
Amanda MacIsaac
Kim Marks
Dean Marraccini
Beth Marraccini
Paul Marshall
Wendy Marshall
Elaina McClure
Scott McDowell
Winifred McGee
Alan Mesches
Ronald Miller
Brian Montgomery
Garrison Moore
Jeff Moxie

Curt Newill
Elisabeth OBrien
Susan Parrett
Robin Parsons
Michael Pentz
Warren Poschman
Patricia Premick
Dianne Ruhl
Joshua Sauer
Charles (Bob) Scott
Alissa Sgro
Mark Smith
Zachary Smith
Steve Solman
Heather Starcher
Cameron Suorsa
Allyson Sveda
Jill Sweet
Ron Templeton
Ann Thomas
James Will
Lesley Winfield
Allison Ziegler